Katie Clark Books

Project Mars

Early Chapter Book     To Be Published with Guardian Angel Publishing TBA

Tour of the Muscular Skeletal System

Nonfiction Picture Book    To Be Published with Capstone Press 2013

Making Christmas

Fiction     knowonder!  2011


The Amazing Life of Helen Keller

Nonfiction Picture Book App     To Be Released with iStorybook Apps 2012

Kitten Play

The Backyard Picnic

Fiction     Super Teacher Worksheets  2012


Big Mouth Baby

Fiction     Super Teacher Worksheets 2011  


Those Amazing Animals

Non Fiction   Guardian Angel Kids January 2011


The Stars Talk

Non Fiction   Wee Ones 2006, reprinted by Spacesports and Spidersilk 2011


Loops, Whirls, and Arches

Non Fiction   Wee Ones 2005

Yes, Your Highness

Non Fiction   Appleseeds 2005

Grit To Glitter; the story of glass

Non Fiction   Wee Ones 2005

Sydnee Saves Earth

Fiction   Wee Ones 2005

Making Beautiful Music

Fiction   Wee Ones 2004

The Unchangable Sax

Non Fiction   Wee Ones 2004, reprinted by Proquest CD-Rom 2005

Ferry Farm

Non Fiction   Wee Ones 2004

Pony Mail

Non Fiction   Wee Ones 2003

Bubble Baby

Hippo and Frog

Blessie Bakes

One Scary Ghost

Fiction     knowonder! 2011

Pass the Peas, Please

Fiction     knowonder! 2011

Dapper Duck

Fiction     knowonder! 2011

Moons In Orbit

Nonfiction     Super Teacher Worksheets 2011